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Collin Harrison

I am an artist and graphic designer based in Rockford, IL

     My work developed from my fascination with the numerous layers of visual history that can be found at local graffiti destinations: where artists push themselves to the forefront of the conversation by painting over already existing work. From there I began to explore the illusion of spatial depth by means of a more controlled color palette and high-gloss clear coat. I aim to create bright, bold, eye-catching images that elicit a response from the viewer.

     Functionality has become increasingly more important to my work. This started with translating my 2D painting style to usable items such as boxes, skateboards, and guitars; even turning block prints into pillows. Recently I have become passionate about pottery. This has allowed me to work on (and obsess over) the basics of form, color, and texture in a more organic and experimental way. Throwing on the wheel is (mostly) a calming and meditative process for me and I strive to imbue some of that peacefulness into the end result.


     As a graphic designer I enjoy working on logo and brand design projects where I can employ a bold, minimal style to provide my clients with an icon that will stand the test of time.

Collin Harrison is a Rockford native and graduate of Rockford University where he received a BFA in 2D Studio Art with a minor in Graphic Design. His paintings and prints have been exhibited at Kortman Gallery via his solo show, Please Stand By, as well as various group exhibitions around Rockford, his group BFA exhibition, Disparate Conditions,and the Rockford Art Museum in the 2018 Rockford Midwest Biennial.


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